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We offer Online Counselling Services

Struggling with your mental health? We will meet with you through our video counselling platform, when and where it works best for you.  In-Person Appts Available as well .

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Our Therapeutic Approach

Warm, accepting, inclusive and practical best describes our  therapeutic style. Additionally, we place a high value on careful listening, empathy, professional ethics and accountability.

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Strength Based Approach

We utilize a collaborative, strengths-based approach. Our theoretical orientation is integrative; we seek to purposefully select a therapy, or therapies, which best suit you, your situation and your beliefs about personal change.

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Solution focused

We support and guide our clients to explore and discover their inner resources enabling them to comprehend and eventually work towards solving their problems. Issues and challenges often have a variety of causes which must be realized before embarking to achieve a sustainable solution.

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Integrated Therapy

We work with our clients on their problems in the context of their life situation and personal history. This integrative approach is often the best insurance for a manageable and long-lasting solution as it is holistic approach to therapy that combines ideas and techniques from different therapeutic schools of thought.

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Evidence Based Treatment

Our Therapists use Solution-focused, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavior Therapy(CBT) and Behavior Therapy (BT) techniques specifically suited to each individual client`s need.

If this approach resonates with you, please call or email  to set free 15-minute initial consultation. we look forward to hearing from you!

I can help you in these particular areas

Discover the benefits of online therapy today. Reach out and connect with a therapist providing online counseling in Alberta . Online therapy is a convenient and affordable option for many looking for help. Ask for a free online therapy consultation to learn if a therapist is a good match for you. Start feeling better today.

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Individual Therapy

I offer Individual Therapy for issues including,. Anxiety. Attachment Issues. Assertiveness. Boundaries. Career Development. Childhood Abuse. Communication and so on .

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Couples Therapy

Couples Counselling Sessions Can Help You: · Communicate with each other more effectively · Learn how to resolve conflict and "fight fair" ·

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Addiction Therapy

Addiction therapy can help you & your loved ones with addiction assessment, to heal with trauma, tools, and plan towards the path of recovery from substance abuse.

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Family Therapy

Family Therapy can help you understand how each family member contributes to the problems and what needs to change to create balance.

Counselling services provided by our Therapists

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About me

Mukesh provides psychotherapy to individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, addiction and with difficulties in managing mood and emotions. Mukesh takes a compassionate approach to the care of his clients by working to create an emotionally safe therapeutic environment to help his clients work through their difficulties and start their path to recovery.

Mukesh Mishra

Mental Health Therapist, MSW , RSW

What our Customers say

Mr. Mishra is a conscientious professional therapist. I had a meaningful impact on my life from his sessions. He was very caring , emphatic and worked together with me to make goals to tackle my personal issues .
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I was really very amazed by Mr. Mishra's counselling Skills He provided a safe and comfortable environment to share my thoughts and feeling . I never felt being pushed and asked to do things .
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It was my first time counselling and I was not sure how it will go. I was feeling a bit nervous and tensed before the session but the therapist provided very clear guidance on how the session is structured which made me feel relaxed and comfortable.
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Don’t miss out our online workshop

 We provide online tools and resources to help you find balance and mental health. If you need to speak with someone, make an appointment with us today . Our online workshop helps individuals to have better understating of their situation and supports in self healing journey . 

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Know More about Mukesh

Mukesh Mishra is a holistic therapist who can help you overcome your problems using state-of-the-art neuroscientific tools. He is passionate about helping you reach your potential and achieve optimal health. He provides individual counselling services to adults, children, and couples. He also offers thought-provoking and inspiring workshops to various sizes of groups. Contact him if you are ready to let go of your past, reach your goals, and heighten your vibration!

Contact Mukesh Today for counselling

Practice Self-Care. Meet With Licensed Professional Therapist Online. Get Started Today.

We provide Personalized Counseling Services for Your Specific Situation. Contact Us Today !

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