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We offer online & In-person counselling in Edmonton

Struggling with your mental health? We will meet with you through our video counselling platform or in-person , when and where it works best for you. In-Person appointments are available now.


Our Therapeutic Approach

Warm, accepting, inclusive, and practical best describes our therapeutic style. Additionally, we place a high value on careful listening, empathy, professional ethics, and accountability.

Strength Based Approach

We utilize a collaborative, strengths-based approach. Our theoretical orientation is integrative; we seek to purposefully select a therapy or therapies that best suit you, your situation, and your beliefs about personal change. Contact us for online counseling services in Edmonton.

Solution focused

For our customers to understand and eventually start working on overcoming their difficulties, we support and coach them as they explore and find their inner resources. Before finding a lasting solution, it is important to recognize the origins of problems and obstacles.

Integrated Therapy

We collaborate with our clients to solve their challenges in light of their current circumstances and past experiences. Given that it is a holistic approach to therapy that includes concepts and methods from several therapeutic schools of thought, the integrative approach is frequently the best assurance for a workable and long-lasting solution.

Evidence Based Treatment

Our Therapists use Solution-focused, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing( EMDR) , Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mindfulness Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavior Therapy(CBT), and Behavior Therapy (BT) techniques specifically suited to each client`s need.

If this approach resonates with you, please call or email  to set free 15-minute initial consultation. we look forward to hearing from you!

Online Counselling Services

Discover the benefits of online therapy today. Reach out and connect with a therapist providing online and in-person counselling in Edmonton and anywhere in Alberta. Online counseling  is a convenient and affordable option for many looking for help. Ask for 15 min free online therapy consultation to learn if a therapist is a good match for you. Start feeling better today.

Individual counselling

We offer Individual counselling for issues including, Anxiety, Attachment Issues, Assertiveness, Boundaries, Career Development, Childhood Abuse, Communication and so on .


Couples counselling

Couples counselling sessions can help in communicating with each other more effectively. Learn how to resolve conflict and "fight fair" .


Addiction Counselling

Addiction therapy can help you & your loved ones with addiction assessment, to heal with trauma, tools, and plan towards the path of recovery from substance abuse.


Family Therapy

Family Therapy can help you understand how each family member contributes to the problems and what needs to change to create balance.

Counselling Services Provided by Our Therapists

About me

Mukesh provides psychotherapy to individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, addiction, and difficulties in managing mood and emotions. Mukesh takes a compassionate approach to the care of his clients by working to create an emotionally safe therapeutic environment to help his clients work through their difficulties and start their path to recovery. Contact Mukesh today for online counseling in Edmonton. Mukesh also provides an in-person counselling service in Edmonton.

Mukesh Mishra

Mental Health Counsellor, MSW , RSW

Edmonton Counselling Services

Discover the path to emotional well-being and healing at OurOnlineTherapy.com. Our team of compassionate therapists in Edmonton offers personalized counselling services for individuals, couples, and families in Edmonton or throughout Alberta. Whether you’re seeking support for depression, anxiety, trauma, or other challenges, our experienced professionals are here to guide you toward a brighter future. Take the first step towards transformation, and book your session today!

Frequently asked questions

Online therapy is mental health treatment conducted via the internet. It is popular for those unable to access in-person therapy due to geographical or time constraints. Sessions involve video or text-based communication with a licensed therapist. Online counselling or in-person counselling can help clients manage their anxiety, depression, stress, and other mental health issues. Online counselling in Edmonton can also teach coping skills and provide insight into emotions and behaviors. It is as effective as in-person therapy and can be done from home. Contact us today for online counselling in Edmonton.

A free counselling consultation is a great way for individuals to explore their mental health concerns without commitment or cost. In a consultation, the counsellor will usually discuss the person’s current emotional condition, any problems they are experiencing, and their overall mental well-being. They will then discuss the type of counselling most suitable for the individual and provide some initial advice and guidance. A free consultation allows you to openly talk about your issues without financial stress and understand how counselling can help you before committing to a long-term arrangement. It also allows the individual to find out if the counsellor is a good fit for them, both in terms of their approach and the way they work. Individual Consultation gives you an opportunity to ask any questions you have about counselling services, counseling approach or treatment plan and the process of beginning therapy. If you are ready for a FREE 15-minute Consultation, call us at 780-246-7017.

The length of a counselling session typically depends on the type of counselling being provided. For example, many counselling sessions for individual therapy last 50 minutes, while couples or family therapy sessions may last up to 90 minutes. Counselling sessions can vary in length based on your specific needs. Some clients may require longer sessions to adequately address their issues, while others may be able to cover their issues in fewer sessions. Your counsellor can provide more information about how long a session usually lasts. Call us today or book an appointment to discuss further.

Online counselling has become very popular in recent years particulary after COVID 19, and with good reason. It offers a convenient, cost-effective way to access mental health counselling from the comfort of the place where you are . Its benefits include flexibility, anonymity, and access to a wider range of therapists and treatments. However, there are also some drawbacks to online therapy that should be taken into consideration. Online therapy may not work for everyone. It’s important to see if it’s right for your needs. Additionally, the lack of physical contact that comes with online therapy can make it difficult to establish a strong therapeutic bond with your therapist. Finally, online therapy can also lead to a sense of isolation, since there is no physical connection with other people during the session. Online counselling services can be effective for people who can’t go to traditional therapy. Contact us today for in-person or online counselling in Edmonton.

Online counselling sessions are confidential and secure. This means that whatever is discussed during the session is kept between the counsellor and the person receiving counselling. Counsellors will not even discuss what was discussed with anyone else, including the person’s family or friends. The counsellor may have to report if they believe there is a risk of harm to the person being counselled or to someone else. Before starting a session with any counsellor, it’s important to talk about their privacy policy. This way, you can know how they will handle your information. We provide informed consent and discuss with you about our privacy policy in our first meeting. Our counselling sessions provide a safe and secure environment for you to share your feelings, thoughts and concerns without fear of judgment or consequence.

The cost of online counselling can differ based on the provider and the type of services you need. Generally, online therapy sessions are priced similarly to in-person sessions. Depending on your insurance coverage and the therapist’s fees, online therapy can range from $140 to $220 per session. Sometimes, we can offer sliding scale fees or free services if you don’t have insurance.
Whether online therapy is worth the money depends on your needs and circumstances. Online therapy is helpful when you can’t get in-person mental health help or prefer the convenience and privacy of sessions at home.
Some therapists offer extra services like coaching, video calls, and text support, which can be useful when dealing with a severe mental health problem. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide if the cost of online therapy is worth the potential benefits.

The answer depends on your insurance coverage. Check with your provider for online therapy coverage. Many insurance companies cover online therapy and may offer discounts. If not covered, find therapists with discounted rates. We offer in-person counseling at our Edmonton office. Use therapistfinder.ca to find insurance-covered therapists online.

It’s typically very easy to cancel or pause a session with an online therapist or in-person counselor.  If you need cancel or rebook appointment  speak to customer service team available by phone or email. They can help you cancel or pause your sessions quickly and easily.

Evaluate your progress in therapy by setting goals and tracking your progress. If you are making steady progress, therapy is likely working. If progress has stalled, consider trying something else. Talk to your therapist about the effectiveness of therapy and ask for their input. Ultimately, you decide if therapy is working or if it’s time to try something else. We provide safe space and regular goal discussions. Contact us for counselling services.

Qualifications and degrees held by therapists vary depending on the type of therapy. Generally, therapists have at least a master’s degree in psychology or related fields. Additional certifications or specialized training may be obtained. Most therapists are licensed or in the process of getting a license. Experience working with clients is also important. It is crucial to research their qualifications and credentials when choosing a therapist. Contact us for more information about our therapists and counsellors in Edmonton.

Know More about Mukesh

Mukesh Mishra is a holistic therapist who can help you overcome your problems using CBT and Mindfulness tools. He is passionate about helping you reach your potential and achieve optimal health. He provides individual counselling services to adults, children, and couples. He also offers thought-provoking and inspiring workshops to various sizes of groups. Contact him if you are ready to let go of your past, reach your goals, and heighten your vibration! He is booking online counselling appointments in Edmonton.

Our Additional Counselling Services

We at OurOnlineTherapy.com understand the unique challenges faced by immigrants. Our diverse team of BIPOC therapists specialize in serving South Asian and other immigrant communities. We offer culturally sensitive, multilingual counseling tailored to your experiences in Edmonton and throughout Alberta. Connect with us for support that truly understands you.

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