What is Online Counselling ? Is it helpful ?


Online counseling is a form of therapy that is delivered through the internet using various online platforms, such as video conferencing, email, or instant messaging. Online counseling has become increasingly popular in recent years as it offers several benefits, including increased accessibility, convenience, and affordability. Online counseling can be helpful for individuals experiencing a range […]

What is online counselling / TelePsychology Session ?


what are TelePsychology Sessions or online counselling sessions ? Telepsychology sessions are mental health therapy sessions that are conducted remotely through a secure video conferencing platform or over the phone. Telepsychology, also known as online therapy or teletherapy, provides individuals with access to mental health services from the comfort of their own home or any […]

CBT for depression and anxiety

Online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a type of therapy that is conducted via an online platform. CBT is a talk therapy that helps individuals to manage their anxiety and depression by teaching them how to recognize and change negative thought patterns and behaviours. Online CBT can be an effective treatment for depression and anxiety […]

Find a Psychotherapist in Edmonton

If you are looking for mental health services in Edmonton, you have come to the right place. Edmonton has a wide range of psychotherapists, who can provide the support and guidance you need, no matter what your situation. Here, we will discuss some of the different types of psychotherapists in Edmonton and what services they […]

An Overview of Online Counselling at OurOnlineTherapy.com


OurOnlineTherapy.com is a leading provider of online counselling services. This innovative platform allows for personal, couples and group counselling sessions to take place over the internet in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Through the use of audio and video streaming, OurOnlineTherapy.com creates an environment that is conducive to professional and effective counselling. […]

 online counselling in Edmonton


Our Online Therapy offers online counselling services to individuals in Edmonton who are struggling with their mental health, including depression, anxiety, patience, and general mental health. Our service provides a safe, secure and confidential way for people to receive assistance with their mental health needs. Our team of experienced counsellors is dedicated to helping clients […]

 Online counselling service in Edmonton.


If you’re looking for online counselling services in Edmonton, ouronlinetherapy.com may be the right choice for you. Developed to help individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, and other issues, ouronlinetherapy.com provides a safe and secure online environment where you can get access to professional and confidential counselling sessions. Our aim is to provide high-quality and affordable […]

Online Counseling in Edmonton


Mental health is a topic of increasing global importance. The access to proper mental health care can be difficult in some areas. OurOnLineTherapy.com provides quality counselling services right in Edmonton, Alberta, to help those suffering from depression and anxiety. With a motivating tone of voice, OurOnLineTherapy.com aims to provide individuals the help and support they […]