Looking for mental health support but can’t get to an in-person therapy session? Online therapy is an increasingly popular option across Alberta that offers convenience, anonymity, and flexibility. Discover how you can benefit from online therapy and the different types of online services available.

Understand What Online Therapy Is.

Online therapy can refer to many different types of services and platforms. Generally, online therapy involves sessions conducted via secure video chat or messaging tools. Video chats may involve audio-only exchange or two-way video chat. Messaging can include secure emails and text messages, as well as treatment plans and resources for self-care. In some cases, online cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) apps and virtual assistance from bots are also available to provide additional assistance with mental health issues.

Research  Licensed Therapists in Alberta.

Before you start any kind of therapy, it’s important to research the therapist and their qualifications. Find a licensed therapist that is registered with the College of Alberta Psychologists or the Association of Registered Professional Counsellors in Alberta. This can help ensure you are receiving quality mental health care from a trusted source. Additionally, you should check reviews from other clients and verify their credentials before engaging in any type of therapy session.

Prepare for Your Online Session and Set Personal Goals.

Before starting an online therapy session, prepare your questions, making sure to express and explain your needs in order to ensure the therapist can best support you. Consider thinking of areas you want to work on or discuss, as well as personal goals or objectives you want to accomplish with the help of a therapist. Establishing these personal goals ahead of time will keep both you and the therapist focused through sessions and provide an effective form of mental health care.

Take Advantage of Technology Tools to Communicate with Your Therapist.

When accessing mental healthcare through online therapy in Alberta, you have the advantage of being able to take advantage of modern technology tools to communicate with your therapist. Video conferences are popular for consultations, and there are also a range of online tools that can make it easier to communicate between sessions. These tools include telephone calls, emails, text messaging and even instant messaging systems like Skype that allow you to talk together ‘face-to-face’.

Find Supportive Resources in Your Community to Augment Your Online Therapy Experience.

In addition to the many benefits of getting mental health support through online therapy, you can also explore resources in your local community to help augment your experience. Connecting with supportive groups and attending workshops or seminars could provide further insight into how you’re managing your mental health. Being engaged in various activities and events can help broaden your skillset and gain a better understanding of how to cope when times are tough.