Online counselling provides a safe and confidential alternative to traditional in-person therapy. understands the importance of accessibility in therapy and offers both in-person and online sessions. Online counselling involves video chats or phone calls and is as effective as in-person therapy. offers therapy for anxiety, depression, trauma, parenting, teen issues, grief, and loss. They offer a free 15-minute phone or online meet and greet to ensure the perfect match between therapist and client. The process is simple: book an appointment, confirm the appointment, and schedule the therapy session.

Online counselling is a convenient and effective way to seek therapy for those who cannot visit a therapist in person or feel more comfortable talking about their struggles while at home. It is confidential and privacy is ensured through secure chatting platforms. However, online counselling may not be the best approach for those with acute psychiatric or medical emergencies. All you need for online counselling sessions is an internet connection, computer or phone, and a quiet, private space to meet with your therapist. A link to your confidential one-on-one appointment will be provided before your session.

Is online counselling cheaper than traditional counselling ?

Online counselling can be cheaper than traditional in-person counselling. Since online counselling eliminates the need for office space, equipment, and staff, the savings are passed on to the client. However, the cost of online counselling may vary depending on the counsellor or therapy service provider. It is best to check with individual providers to determine the cost of their services. At Red Bridge Counselling, they are passionate about ensuring therapists and therapy are a perfect match and offer a free 15-minute phone or online meet and greet to ensure the best investment in yourself and your mental health.

Does provides sliding scale ?

Yes, provides sliding scale pricing based on client’s situation. It is best to contact them directly and inquire about their pricing options., the provider mentioned earlier, offers a free 15-minute phone or online meet and greet to ensure the best investment in yourself and your mental health. We also offer affordable rates for their therapy services.

Can online therapy/ counselling help me with anxiety and other mental health issues ?

Yes, online therapy/counselling can help with anxiety and other mental health issues. Online therapy is an effective alternative to traditional in-person therapy and has been shown to be just as effective in treating a variety of mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, trauma, and more. Online therapy allows clients to receive therapy from the comfort of their own home and can be particularly helpful for those who cannot attend in-person sessions due to various reasons. It is important to find a qualified and licensed therapist who specializes in the area of mental health that you are struggling with to ensure the best possible outcome.